Painted during Lockdown

Douglas the friendly Bull

During our first lockdown my early morning walk would take me past a field of young bulls. The most friendly of them, showing a large resemblance of a Highland Kuh, we christened ‘Dougal’. One day we captured him on camera cheekily peeping over the hedge while munching the flowers.


A long while ago my wife asked me to paint a watercolour matching the colour scheme in her studio. Nothing too heavy, something pretty and simple. She showed me a few images she liked and this is the result.

Girl on the Bridge

Dreaming of a visit to Japan one day when the world has gone back to more normality I painted this scene. Wonder what the girl is dreaming about?

Painting Lessons – The effect of light

In my never ending quest of trying to become a better artist, I have recently spent a lot of time in researching how others have used the effects of light in their work. Over a period of practice paintings I have increased my knowledge on how to create beautiful light effects in my paintings and today I want to share with you some of my recent works:

Cadiz/Andalusia – original by Mark Gittins

Sunset and Sand – original by JF Dowden

Sunflowers – original by Vincent van Gogh

From a photograph found on Pinterest

Ortakoy Mosque/Istanbul – from a photo by Mytho

Bourla Cafe/Antwerp original by Alvaro Castagnet

From a photograph by Ken Lesley

The creative mind never stops thinking and trying to better itself…I am happy with the outcome of these and hope you like them too.