Some of my friends , especially Karen Hatcher in Washington, simply love the colour Blue. I know she does, since she bought two of my paintings based on Blue. I think she likes the freshness of the colour, and the hope it brings in all of us. It is a colour of freedom as we soak up the sun around it. To all those who cherish blue. There is also a dimension of Flow to Blue be it still or rapid. This applies to to the style of painting as well. See my paintings on another page in the website to see what I mean. Keep loose!


Painting Lessons – The effect of light

In my never ending quest of trying to become a better artist, I have recently spent a lot of time in researching how others have used the effects of light in their work. Over a period of practice paintings I have increased my knowledge on how to create beautiful light effects in my paintings and today I want to share with you some of my recent works:

Cadiz/Andalusia – original by Mark Gittins

Sunset and Sand – original by JF Dowden

Sunflowers – original by Vincent van Gogh

From a photograph found on Pinterest

Ortakoy Mosque/Istanbul – from a photo by Mytho

Bourla Cafe/Antwerp original by Alvaro Castagnet

From a photograph by Ken Lesley

The creative mind never stops thinking and trying to better itself…I am happy with the outcome of these and hope you like them too.