The Spice of Cities

Cities are a key spice of life. I was recently in Toronto in freezing conditions and despite that, Heike and I had a wonderful time. We were hosted by Dora and Alan. They pointed us in the right direction and we enjoyed Art Galleries, Oysters, the Steak fest and of course the Dora Keogh Irish Pub.

It is the pulse of a City and the mixed cultural experience that helps to create an energetic market ready to tackle issues of the existing day and the future of tomorrow. We all live within this tapestry of colour.  We also live in vibrant times with constant economic tensions, national agendas and international obligations. The cities are becoming smarter collaborative environments with new digital platforms. Not withstanding the age of digital, we still marvel at our architecture, big and small, short and tall.

I have painted some water-colour pictures in the recent weeks that highlight theses corner-stones. Our Cities started with Castles and that is what I also captured in the hills of Wales!  See below. I hope you like them.



Early Cities of Wales








New York