Colour is all around us. Without it life would be dull. It enhances our mood. It has many functions. It warns of danger and it can soften our approaches. Blended well, it fuses our senses and it can help discriminate.

During my military days we used to train ourselves to discern an object by: shape, shine, shadow, silhouette, sound, spacing and sudden movement. Other factors such as smell and heat come into the mix. As I write this, you could argue that a piece of Art should do the same for you. An artist plans a picture in such a manner that it makes you feel a number of things as you look at the outcome. It should inspire you too and you should be “moved” by it. In some cases it should take you to the moment. COLOUR is one way of bringing these sensory attributes alive.

A couple of years ago my daughter Anna-Maria created a present for me, it consisted of a colour-melt of crayons. inspired me and in response I painted her a picture of London.

London Skyline

Always learning, I applied different washes in this painting, to make it visually stimulating and interesting at the same time.

As always I like your input. What do you think?