Painted during Lockdown

Douglas the friendly Bull

During our first lockdown my early morning walk would take me past a field of young bulls. The most friendly of them, showing a large resemblance of a Highland Kuh, we christened ‘Dougal’. One day we captured him on camera cheekily peeping over the hedge while munching the flowers.


A long while ago my wife asked me to paint a watercolour matching the colour scheme in her studio. Nothing too heavy, something pretty and simple. She showed me a few images she liked and this is the result.

Girl on the Bridge

Dreaming of a visit to Japan one day when the world has gone back to more normality I painted this scene. Wonder what the girl is dreaming about?


Some of my friends , especially Karen Hatcher in Washington, simply love the colour Blue. I know she does, since she bought two of my paintings based on Blue. I think she likes the freshness of the colour, and the hope it brings in all of us. It is a colour of freedom as we soak up the sun around it. To all those who cherish blue. There is also a dimension of Flow to Blue be it still or rapid. This applies to to the style of painting as well. See my paintings on another page in the website to see what I mean. Keep loose!


Watercolour Studies

As an artist one is always driven to improve ones technique.

Even though you might not always feel like having the time, it is vital to practice and paint as much as you can to improve your skills.

I have recently done some studies on shadows and light, trying to improve my own techniques. Below are two examples:

The top painting is my version from an original watercolour by Alvaro Castagnet and bottom is my take of a painting by Joseph Zbukvic.

In painting, like everything else in life, you never stop learning!